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We believe that all great things start and are driven by passion. Something we try to give every day at our garage in San Lorenzo, located on the beautiful and idyllic island Ibiza.

One of these passions that is enlightening us, is when we think of, see or drive the iconic Land Rover Defender!

It all started years ago when the founder Ramon Bruijne opened the doors of his garage on the island, an island whose wilderness can be easily be discoverd and accessed by this iconic piece of machinery.

What we love doing, is to let others feel that same passion and love that we have, and let them experience that feeling of nostalgia and authenticity of the past.

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We are constantly in a flow of making and creating new projects, therefore we always have a Defender available, just waiting for a new owner!

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Let’s have a look at our previous Defender builds, and let your imagination go wild!

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The place where all the magic happens, where metal parts gets fused together, by our passion and our welding machine!

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